BrotherMan Basses
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About BrotherMan Basses

If you hear the name Carrothers and music together, James L Carrothers hopes it is positive. Although there is a Carruthers Guitar with a U, no known relations, James hopes that the name rings positive for Bass Dynamics and the Brazilian D’Alegria Bass line company James founded 6 yrs ago. At that time, James introduction into the business side of music after over 30 years of bass playing was a wakeup and a positive experience. After meeting and talking with the top pros in the bass world and dealers, James has taken the next step and started a new line of classic custom built basses, BrotherMan Basses, in his home town of Charlotte, NC.

The well worn but true statement of “there is no place like home” is one of the things that prompted James to start BrotherMan Basses. After working with internationally known D’Alegria for several years, the ability to have hands on control, pick the woods, assist the construction, source the best parts, design his own pickups and work with premier Luthier Ari Lehtella was the key to climbing the next mountain.

BrotherMan Basses is the culmination of many years of playing the bass, working on the business side, and looking to the future of bass playing. The former two are the reason for the simple classic design and solid playability. The latter is the reason for the affordable pricing which allows beginners to seasoned pros to have a solid instrument which delivers. BrotherMan is especially around for the next generation of players. “I want a great instrument in the hands of up and coming players so that they can play and not worry about what they are playing.” James says.

James recognized that basses seemed to fall into two categories, well made and highly priced or low cost and low quality. BrotherMan Basses comfortably fits right in the mellow middle. Custom made quality at an affordable price. From his own experience, James knows that a well made bass is a lifetime

instrument. His two favorite basses hangs on his wall, his first bass a Memphis P-bass and his used 86’ Music Man. Both together cost a little more than $700 at the time. Today you could not buy a bass as well built as an 86’ Music Man for 3 times that cost but that is what BrotherMan Basses will do.

The BrotherMan Bass name reflects what James has found through his many years of playing. Bass players are the coolest players around. From beginners to the top pros, there is a kinship among bassist that seems to be constant. There is a brotherly bond, which also includes women, which runs deep. BrotherMan Basses incorporates that spirit and hopes to promote music for the betterment Man. We introduce BrotherMan Basses.

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